Summer Adventure Camps

It’s hard to believe that the Christian Outdoor Alliance is entering into the 14th summer of our Adventure Camps! We have helped over 1,000 young adults find and/or build on their relationship with Christ since the inception of our summer camp program in 2002. We continue to grow and the future has never looked brighter. Our trained camp counselors and volunteer ministers, continue to be very successful in helping our campers grow spiritually and have a better appreciation for the Bible.

This unique camp offers a week on a Texas Hunting Ranch, with an opportunity to harvest an exotic trophy, exotic doe, hog, or management ram. The Texas Hunter Education Course is offered at camp. Every day we spend time hunting, swimming, hanging out by the campfire and group devotional time with awesome kids and counselors! We have witnessed firsthand, the interpersonal skills the campers develop with their peers and counselors to help each other grow closer to Christ.

Our job does not end when camp is over. Our counselors follow-up with our campers, many times building ongoing relationships, which is key to making disciples. We encourage the campers to keep up their daily walk with Christ throughout the school year and eagerly await their stories at the next summer camp.

COA strives to ensure that all of its activities adhere to strict safety standards. COA models its safety policies after the Texas Youth Hunting Program and other established and time-tested programs.

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