COA Veterans Program

Our Veterans Program at the Christian Outdoor Alliance is to assist our hero’s that have given so much to each and every one of us.  It is also to help bless their families.  We do this through several hunts that we offer each and raising money to pay for their children to go to one our summer camps or youth hunts.  Would you help support a Veteran and their family on one of the many events that we host at COA?

Christian Outdoor Alliance

The Mission is to guide Youth and Outdoorsman to a Relationship with Jesus Christ through Experiences in God’s Great Outdoors.


Discounts: We will offer 10% discount when you book a hunt for Veterans.

We can also sponsor veterans on a hunts throughout each hunting season as we plan those events on the calendar. The hunts include lodging and meals. As the hunt is scheduled we will select from a list of qualified veterans and selected by the COA Leadership.  If that veteran is unable to attend, the next most deserving will be contacted.

We are currently working on transportation to and from all of our events.

COA Veterans Program

COA Veterans Program was established in August 2010.
Population served are Disabled American Veterans.

Our military and Veterans have sacrificed so much so we can enjoy the freedoms we have every day in America.

Funding an event for Veterans is a great way to give back to the local community and to those who have been injured defending our freedoms. For many, an injury incurred while serving in the military is life changing. Getting outdoors to fish or hunt gives Disabled Veterans a sense of satisfaction and confidence that they can still do the things they enjoy doing despite a life changing injury.

Your support would help pay for lodging, meals, guiding, and hunting on a weekend outdoor adventure. Disabled Veterans would enjoy a top quality outdoors experience of a lifetime.

COA has been serving outdoors enthusiasts for the 15 years with high quality outfitted hunts and fishing trips that help support the top notch COA Youth Hunting program. Christian Outdoor Alliance manages over 100,000 acres statewide with comfortable lodging and great meals.

Check out www.coaoutfitters.com and click on link below to see You Tube Videos.

How To Help Support the COA Veterans Program

COA requests that you help get a Veteran outdoors by way of a tax deductible donation or sponsorship. As a supporter you would be listed as a supporter on the COA Facebook page. The COA 501(c)3 information is available upon request. A donation or sponsorship will help a Veteran enjoy a top quality outdoors experience and make a difference in a Veteran’s life.

If you would like to support this great cause, please let us know by clicking the COA “contact us” link, calling Joel Hart at 830-221-5592. Christian Outdoor Alliance would appreciate any support you can offer. Thank you for your time and consideration.



COA Veterans Program Leadership Team

Doug Herrle: USMC Vietnam Veteran, Past Veteran Service Organization (VSO) State Commander

Phil Sierer: U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, Current VSO Commander

Terri Herrle: DAV Auxiliary Commander, Past TX DAVA State Commander

Michael Marbach: COA Executive Director

Juan Deleon: U.S. Army Retired, Vietnam Veteran, Past VSO Commander

Marlin Howze: VFW and DAV Life Member, Past VSO Commander, Retired U.S. Navy CPO

Joel Hart: Desert Storm Era Veteran, DAV Chapter 61 Member, Program Supervisor, TPWD Hunter Education Instructor


Rio Nogales, Power Project, Knights of Columbus-New Braunfels, Landowner Mr. Ben Gonzales (retired Air Force), DAV, COA, DAV Auxiliary, Veterans Comfort Zone, and the Hutto Ranch (near Del Rio), Mobley Ranch, Brazos Valley Chapter Buckmasters, Veterans of Foreign Wars, USMC Veteran Heath Tabor.