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I first met Michael Marbach, CEO for Christian Outdoor Alliance (COA) in 2009.  At that time, I was responsible for US sales for a major oil and gas services company and was looking for an economical alternative to extremely expensive “high end” large acreage low fence hunting entertainment opportunity for building relationships with our clients’ executives.  Mike listened to my ideas and worked very closely with me to design a package that enabled us to simulate a low fence south Texas trophy hunting experiences by using high fence pastures on first class hill country ranches with posh housing facilities.  The venture was extremely successful and our clients really enjoyed the experience.  Without a doubt, we achieved our goal of creating stronger authentic business relationships with targeted clients.  I might add, that we accomplished this with nearly 100% client harvest success rate at a cost of about $0.30/$1.00, relative to the old “norm” way of doing things like this.  It was indeed a great cost controlling win/win achievement for all involved.

As my personal and business relationship further developed with Mike and COA, I learned more and more about his heart for Christian evangelism and exposing children to God’s natural outdoors through hunting and fishing camps.  I saw how COA uses seasonal outfitting proceeds to present the Gospel and provide camps for youths that build and strengthen their relationships with Christ.  So, I volunteered to become a member of his Board of Directors in 2015. and this year, 2017, I assume the Chairman seat.

COA uses its strong relationships with many ranch owners, equipment manufacturers, and clients to provide hands-on, in-the-field instruction in leadership, hunting, and fishing skills.   Our leadership staff and counselors have strong Christian beliefs.  We have a very successful track record of helping our campers grow spiritually and gain better appreciation for the Bible, while at the same time, teaching them values and skills that will help them succeed in the world well beyond their camp experience.   Our youth programs have and will continue to develop to be powerful, life-changing experiences for all involved.

Many of the children that we are reaching out to come from families that are struggling financially and cannot afford to send their kids to camps or retreats. To accommodate those who can’t afford our camps, we offer a raffle ticket system with great prizes providing campers a way to earn their own camp tuition. We also raise scholarship funds and offer flexibility in payment.  Please take a moment to look some of the pictures and videos from our camps and retreats, as well as a sample of the positive letters that come to us weekly contained on this website. Although this is just a snap shot of our program, you can see the impact the outdoors can have on kids when given the opportunity to experience it through Christ’s Love.

If you are interested in becoming more involved, or are financially capable of supporting us, your gift of time, talent, and/or treasure would be most appreciated.  Please prayerfully consider donating to us.


I am proud to have helped numerous young adults find and /or build on their relationship with Christ through my support of COA.   We have hosted thousands of children in our camps over the last 15 + years.  It is our continued goal to reach all that we can as fast as we can and as effectively as we can!  With Mike’s leadership and community support, we’ll do it!  I’m certain!

God Bless,

Steve Turk,

Chairman, Christian Outdoor Alliance


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