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Summer Adventure Camps 2021

The Christian Outdoor Alliance is entering into the 20th summer of our Adventure Camps! We have helped thousands of children find and/or build on their relationship with Christ since the inception of our summer camp program in 2002. We continue to grow and the future has never looked brighter. Our trained camp counselors and volunteer ministers, continue to be very successful in helping our campers grow spiritually and have a better appreciation for the Bible. This unique camp offers a week on a Texas Hunting Ranch, with an opportunity to kill an exotic trophy, exotic doe, hog, or management ram. The Texas Hunter Education Course is offered at camp. Every day we spend time hunting, swimming, shooting, and group devotional time with awesome kids and counselors! We have witnessed firsthand, the interpersonal skills the campers develop with their peers and counselors to help each other grow closer to Christ. We encourage the campers to keep up their daily walk with Christ throughout the school year and eagerly await their stories at the next summer camp. COA strives to ensure that all of its activities adhere to strict safety standards. COA models its safety policies after the Texas Youth Hunting Program and other established and time-tested programs. Check out Christian Outdoor Alliance Facebook page ( to see pictures of past camps and stay up to date with the latest happenings!

2021 Camp Prices, Dates, and Ages

Age range for camp is 9-16.

Seasoned campers may apply for a “grunt”  volunteer position at age 16. Camper should email Amy at to ask for an application. 



EXOTIC DOE- $1,200





$$$ Want to earn money to help pay for your camp? $$$                  Participate in the “Send a Kid to Camp Raffle.” In March, we will have raffle tickets available for registered campers to begin selling. The prizes range from a Whitetail buck hunt grand prize to COA caps. Every $10 ticket the campers sell goes directly toward their own camp tuition. Be sure to check the box on the last page registration form to request tickets. Picture of last year’s ticket on bottom of this page.


2021 DATES:

June 6-12 – at Mobley Ranch – girls (limit 16 girls)- Few spots left

All sessions for boys are full: email Amy to be put on waiting list:

June 20-26- 700 Springs Ranch – boys- FULL- Waiting list started    

July 4-10- 700 Springs Ranch – boys – FULL- Waiting list started

July 18-24- 700 Springs Ranch – boys – FULL- Waiting list started

August 1-7- 700 Springs Ranch – boys – FULL- Waiting list started

Packing List for COA Summer Adventure Camp

First of all- you are welcome to bring your own gun, ammo, and hunting knife- but all must be labeled and if you can, pack separately, because we will collect these first and store in gun safe. You can bring your own fishing pole & tackle box also- please label!!! It’s helpful, but not necessary to have your own hunting gear. Many campers bring hunting back packs with their own binoculars, etc… but again, please LABEL EVERYTHING!!!!!!

*You will need a hunting license (in-state youth license cost $7 and you can get at any Wal-Mart or sporting goods store) Campers will need to keep the hunting license with you when you go out hunting.

Sleeping bag and pillow Toiletries (don’t forget your toothbrush)
4-5 shorts 2-3 towels
7-8 t-shirts Laundry bag
3-4 hunting clothes- jeans & camo/dark shirts Water Bottle
2-3 pairs of pajamas Sturdy shoes for hunting (athletic shoes or boots)
8-10 pairs of underwear Shoes for pool and river
8-10 pairs of socks Insect Repellant & Sunscreen
1-2 swimsuits Bible

 All medications brought need to be checked in with Camp Nurse (Amy), they will need to be in labeled original containers. Medication form will need to be completed by parent. 

What NOT to Bring- 

We will collect all phones, electronics, etc. Campers will be allowed to use staff phones to call home once to tell them of their kill hunt. We will gather phones when not in supervised use. Tell the campers not to panic! We want to encourage face to face conversations and an enjoyable week free of social media. COA staff will post pictures on the COA FB page for parents and friends to follow during the week.

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