How Can You Help

How You Can Help Us?
Near the beginning of our ministry, a man who is wise and experienced in running a large nonprofit organization shared with us his approach to raising funds. He told us, “Share the Vision, then Share the Need.” Hopefully our Vision has become clear. Now we would like to share our Needs.
First and Most Important – We need help Spreading the Word about COA!!! Secondly, but just as important, with the number of God’s children we serve through our programs, we continue to have financial needs to insure our mission is carried out. If you could find it in your heart to help us continue our Outreach Programs to lead God’s children, we would greatly appreciate it. Your “Investment in Our Children” would be used to continue to deliver “Best in Class” Adventure camps and outings. Our goal is to keep our operational and administrative expenses as moderate as possible, with the majority of our funds focused on the delivery of Quality Youth Programs. Some of our expenses include:
• Scholarships / Financial Aid • Trained Counselors 
• On-Site Nurse and Medical Supplies • Lodging 
• Use of Land / Ranch for Camps and Hunts • Food and refreshments 
• Kill Fees and Processing • Firearms & Ammunition 
• Fishing Equip: Rods, Reels & Tackle • Archery equipment 
• Camping Equipment • Bibles 
• Kayaks & Canoes • COA Web Site Admin 
• Ongoing Camper Communications • Ranch Vehicles
There are many ways that an individual or a company can support us and help us offset the expenses incurred in running and growing our ministry. We have outline below several methodologies that have worked well for us and our donors. Whatever method is of interest to you, remember COA is a 501c3 Non-Profit entity. Thus your contributions are tax deductible. No donation is too small!
• General Donation to COA’s Operating fund to be used towards the above expenses: This can be in the form In-Kind Donation or an ongoing pledged amount determined by you. This can also take the form of a long term endowment fund to provide for COA’s long-term success.

• Scholarship Funds: Many of our campers are unable to attend our Adventure Camps to family financial constraints. Our goal is to provide scholarship funds to those in need. Your help can be in the form of a onetime financial contribution, a monthly pledge or a COA Scholarship Endowment. This can range from a small donation to be applied towards a camper, a full camp scholarship of $ , or an ongoing scholarship / endowment to be determined by you.

• Land Owner Support: There are numerous ways for landowners to help us advance our mission. Some examples are: 1) Have COA lease and sublease your property, providing complete management and oversight of your resources. 2) Have COA manage / broker hunts on your property.

• Long Term Planned Giving: This can take many forms, such as Gifts of Stock, Gift Annuities, Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Lead Trust, Gifts of Real Property, and Gifts of Life Insurance. Our dream is to one day have our own ranch to host our Summer Adventure Camps and our other year round COA activities. Our financial advisor can sit down with you and orchestrate a plan for you to establish your Legacy by helping COA.